Illegal Immigrant Cristian Bahena Rivera Charged For The Murder of Mollie Tibbetts

christian bahena rivera mollie tibbetts

Illegal Immigrant Cristian Bahena Rivera Charged For The Murder of Mollie Tibbetts

Police have charged an illegal immigrant with the murder of a missing Iowa jogger. A first-degree murder charge was filed on Tuesday against a young man in the case of missing Iowa jogger Mollie Tibbetts, state officials said Tuesday.

24-year-old Cristhian Rivera, an undocumented immigrant, was charged with first-degree murder after having confessed to the killing of Mollie Tibbetts. Mollie Tibbetts’ body was recovered Tuesday morning in a farm field.

Tibbetts, a 20-year-old rising sophomore at the University of Iowa, disappeared the evening of July 18 while jogging in the rural farming town of Brooklyn.

Cristhian Bahena Rivera

Rivera told authorities he saw Tibbetts jogging and got out of his car and ran alongside of her.

Rivera claimed Tibbetts grabbed her phone and said, “I’m gonna call the police,” according to an arrest affidavit.

Rivera told authorities he then panicked, got mad and “blocked” his “memory,” and didn’t remember anything after that until he reached an intersection, according to the affidavit.

Christian Bahena Rivera Affidavit by tom cleary on Scribd

Rivera claimed he then drove to a field entrance and into a cornfield driveway, before realizing he had Tibbetts in the trunk, the affidavit said.

Rivera then said he dragged the college student from his car to a secluded part of a cornfield and left her in corn leaves, face-up.

Rivera then led authorities to Tibbetts’ body, according to Rahn.

5 Facts About Cristhian Rivera

1. Rivera Led Investigators to the Corn Field Where Tibbetts Was Found Dead in a Cornfield, Concealed by Corn Stalks, Police Say

2. He Told Police He Saw Tibbetts While She Was Jogging & Approached Her, Running Near Her Before She Threatened to Call the Police Because He Was Following Her

3. Rivera’s Ex-Girlfriend Is Facebook Friends With Mollie Tibbetts & Police Say He Told Investigators He Had Seen Her Before the Day She Was Abducted

4. Rivera Worked for a Family Farm Tied to Prominent Iowa Republican, Craig Lang & the Company Says He Was Vetted Through the Federal Government’s ‘E-Verify’ System

5. Police Say Rivera ‘Seemed to Be Drawn’ to Tibbetts on the Day He ‘Chose to Abduct’ & Then Kill Her

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