Crazy Woman Abuses Child While Father Does Nothing To Stop It

Disturbing Video shows a woman beating on a young child after a man refuses to give her back her phone. The man records the woman’s rampage and does little to stop the ensuing abuse on the child screaming for help.

“I can’t begin to imagine the trauma these 2 kids will go through, especially if they believe what that woman was saying to them.”

The women in the video identified as “Michelle” who some say is the man’s ex-wife, is shown becoming infuriated when she is not given her phone and proceeding to threaten to kill the two young children in the home. The woman is recorded as she climbs a bunk bed and beats on a young boy named James repeatedly as he screams for his father to help him.

The other women in the video pleads with the man to do something so that she will stop hitting the child but the man barely does anything. At one point the man instructs the child to go into his room, away from the crazy woman. Finally both James and the other child Jacob, are escorted into a van where the woman continues to threaten the children. The video ends a short time later.

According to comments posted on the man’s Facebook page, the woman was issued $1600 in fines, spent 1 month in jail and has 2 years probation.

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