Controversial Heart Transplant Recipient Killed In High Speed Police Chase

Anthony Tremayne Stokes

Anthony Tremayne Stokes who was the recipient of a very controversial heart transplant died this week after he lost control of a vehicle fleeing from police.

Anthony Tremayne Stokes
Anthony Tremayne Stokes
Anthony Stokes made national headlines when Children’s Healthcare of Atlanta at Egleston refused to place him on the transplant list “due to having a history of non-compliance.” After a public push from his family, Stokes was added and went through a successful operation in August 2013.

However police said Stokes, 17, of Decatur died after crashing a stolen vehicle while fleeing from police in Roswell on Tuesday. Lisa Holland of the Roswell Police Department, said that police began the chase after reports of a home break-in on Alpine Drive.

When a responding officer tried to pull over the black Honda Accord that fit the description of a vehicle involved, the driver refused to stop and a chase ensued. The suspect lost control of the car, hit a curb and a pedestrian, then the suspect struck a pole at the intersection of Hembree Road and Highway 9. Stokes was taken to North Fulton Medical Center, where he was later pronounced dead.

Upon further investigations, we found disturbing photos on Stokes’ Facebook page showing the teen posing with several guns. Mack Major, who tried for several years to mentor Stokes said although saddened by the outcome of events, he believes the donor’s heart was not wasted.

Jail records show Stokes was arrested in January for allegedly stealing a car in a Walmart parking lot. He was also arrested twice in Newton County.

According to UpToDate, although more than 5000 cardiac transplants occur each year around the world, it is estimated that up to 50,000 people are candidates for transplantation.


  1. I remember this story of him being turned down for the transplant and the media had a ball bringing race and all kinds of other BS into it. Well, the media got their way and he got the heart. Seems the transplant board was right.

  2. This fucking scumbag wasted a perfectly good heart that could have gone to a deserving individual fit to live. Fuck giving these criminals extended life! If you’re a dirtbag, no transplant for you!

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