Smirking Douche-Bag Who Pushed Park Ranger into Water ARRESTED

The douche-bag who pushed a Commons Ford Metropolitan Park ranger into the water has been identified and arrested. The moron in the video shown pushing the park ranger was identified as 25-year-old scum-bag, Brandon Hicks.

The Texas park ranger was advising a group of people about coronavirus social distancing when he was pushed into a lake.

Austin police officer Justin Berry, who arrested Hicks, said people quickly assisted the ranger and helped to identify Hicks as the assailant.

“The patrons of the park actually came to the aid of the park ranger,” Berry said. “Several people came up to the ranger and apologized for the guy’s behavior. That’s the Austin we know, and that’s the Austin we love.”

Hicks was in jail Friday with bail set at $7,500.

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