Justin Bieber Roasted by Chris D’Elia At Laugh Factory (Video)

Comedian Chris D’Elia roasted his new buddy, Justin Bieber during a recent set at the Laugh Factory. Chris D’Elia announced he had a special guest in the audience and surprised the room when he brought up the Biebs.

Bieber sat down on the stage and was then roasted by D’Elia who poked fun at what Bieber was wearing from his leather tank top to his over sized pants.

Bieber took the roast like a champ and until D’Elia said that Bieber’s team Jersey shirt with no named meant he was only having sex with himself. Bieber was quick to grab the mic and correct D’Elia telling him he also f*cks “bitches”.

Check out the epic Justin Bieber roast hosted by Chris D’Elia at the Laugh factory.

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