Hillary Clinton Takes Aim at Comedians Who Joked About Her at The Laugh Factory

It would seem that Hillary Clinton can’t take a joke. Reports indicate that presidential contender, Hillary Clinton’s campaign is taking aim at comedians who made fun of the former Secretary of State in their standup skits at the popular Hollywood comedy club ‘Laugh Factory’.

The Clinton campaign reportedly has tried to censor it as well as demanded the personal contact information of the comics that appear in the recording.

Club owner Jamie Masada says, “They threatened me, I have received complains before but never a call like this, threatening to put me out of business if I don’t cut the video.” Masada details as soon as the video was posted, he received a phone call from a “prominent” person inside Clinton’s campaign. “He said the video was disgusting and asked who put me up to this,” Masada said. The unidentified Clinton staffer also demanded to the names and phone numbers of the comedians that appear in the video. Masada did not give any information and hung up.

The jokes that Clinton wanted eliminated include skits poking fun at Clinton’s wardrobe, her age, sexual orientation, the Monica Lewinsky scandal and the former First Lady’s relationship with her famous husband. The Laugh Factory has appropriately titled it “Hillary vs. The First Amendment.”

When Hillary visits the Laugh Factory, don’t expect the First Amendment to end. Mike Marino, Dom Irrera, Greg Fitzsimmons, Tiffany Haddish, and Brian Holtzman prove the comedy stage is one of the last bastions of free speech.

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