Yanny or Laurel Debate Finally Explained

Yannr or Laurel Explained

Do you Hear Yanny or Laurel? The new version of the “Llamas” began after Roland Szabo posted the video but then became viral when Cloe Feldman posted it to her Twitter.

Personally, I can hear both but sound engineer Doug Johnson who has been working with audio for almost 40-years, explains on his Youtube page.

Doug Johnson utilizes spectrum analysis tools to break down what is actually happening.

Redditor “FriendlyBassplayer” explains this perfectly.

“It’s called the Fletcher-Munson curve. Not to get too technical, but essentially the human ear is very biased towards certain frequencies in the upper range, particularly around 3-5kHz. We basically hear those frequencies louder than lower frequencies, even if their loudness is even coming from the source. What that means in terms of you turning the volume up and down is that as you lower it, there comes a point where the lower end (where Laurel resides) disappears but the higher end remains, and you hear only Yanni. Then when you turn it up, the lower end comes up and overpowers the higher end, making you hear Laurel. And if your speakers/headphones don’t produce enough bass, then you’ll only hear Yanni, but if your speakers are too boomy, like beats headphones, then you’ll only hear Laurel.”

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