“X-Factor’s” Paula Abdul & Nicole Scherzinger Get Death Threats

Both “X-Factor” hosts Paula Abdul and Nicole Scherzinger didn’t think much when voting off Drew. At least they didn’t think they would become the target of a very angry lashout by the fans of Drew. Now, those violent threats have Paula and Nicole fearing for their lives.

Paula and Nicole both not only received “the business” from Simon Cowell after the show who was obviously “furious” with their decision. But they were also victim to abusive tweets and Facebook messages they’ve received. Some of the messages read:

“F**K you paula you dumb c**t you voted off the most talented person on your f**king show. i hope you die you DUMB B***H.”

“I hope you die, you selfish (expletive)

“@NicoleScherzy @paulaabdul go die”

Paula and Nicole are shocked by the harassing messages and neither has experienced a reaction so strong before.

Both Nicole and Paula did Tweet to Drew and Astro who also was voted off that night:

But it was Nicole who looked like she addressed the crazed fans in a couple of discreet Tweets:

In all fairness, they did vote off the person with the most talent just so that their people had a better shot at winning… sad how this has become a competition between the judges and not the contestants.

Nevertheless, death threats aren’t cool. Especially when their probably coming from very young people. It’s not like Drew isn’t already on her way to success. Stop the hate.

Rachel Crow Eliminated From X-Factor


  1. drew wasn,t all that anyway. She is too prdictable and was 2nd best in the sing offand thats 4 sure.

    Simon had a real cheek tring 2 force the other judges 2 vote for his act even though she was clearly out performed in the sing off. He is a hypocrite his attitude was worse than Astro,s …at leat astro had an excuse that really didn,t belong in the bottom 2 and he was 1 off the better acts last week…… plus he is only 15 years old wats simon cowells excuse.
    How could he want 2 force the judges 2 vote 4 the act which was not the best – shame on him. THE POOR LITTLE WHIT GIRL SYNDROME WON,T WASH PAULA AND NICOLE JUDGED THE 2 FAILY ON MERIT – THEY SHOULD B COMMENDED NOT SLATED

    • donone,

      You have an interesting point. I feel that the competition has become too personal and is no longer based on true talent yet is determined by this secret competition between the judges.

      Maybe it’s all part of the show to add a flair of drama and keep people tuned in. Whatever it is, it’s working. People are getting emotionally involved in this show and that’s more than any producer or network could ask for.

  2. I disagree totally. Drew was pure magnifying talent, she didn’t need dancers, extra loud music, all she needed was her spectacular voice, but Marcus Canty who has been voted off twice already needed dancers and extra props just so that his whole performance can seem like something, but take all that away and only listen to his ‘out of tune’ and high pitched voice, you wouldn’t vote for him.

    X Factor is about talent, the ‘x factor’, marcus canty is predictable and not really such a good singer, while Drew gave chills and heart warming performances every time, she was pure talent. Doesn’t matter if it was all the same, it’s all about her voice. If you want to listen to a Cd you would of course choose Drew over Marcus.

    I also think that the hatred is a little intense. It’s unnecessary to post such hatred. I have always admired Paula, not so much Nicole for she seems like a diva. but I thought Paula had some sense, but figured she doesn’t after she voted Drew off and acted childish. Her behavior seems like a personal revenge against Simon because all his girls are the best and Paula is already out of the competition. Maybe it’s her ego that’s crumbling and not Simon’s. After all Simon has always known what talent is about and chooses according to that. While it seems L.A is a bit racist, since he votes out every white person and is a bit intimidated and jealous of Simon, because Simon is way more successful than him.

    Also L.A repeatedly have accused Drew of not singing according to genre, but look at Astro, yes, he has talent, undeniably. However all his songs were highly predictable, always the same and definitely did not fit all the genres. C’mon. You can’t say that his Rock week was actually rock music, since all his performances were rap. sorry. but L.A is vindictive and jealous of Simon and even Chris was not singing according to genre. and Marcus, worst of all does not have talent. Not one of them can say they sang according to genres, so L.A is just trying to hide his jealousy by faking his admiration to Simon’s girls but always throwing some sort of insult their way. And his childish remark towards Simon’s reaction to Drew’s elimination just proves how vindictive he really is. he was secretly very pleased with himself after the show. Simon was right, L.A is nuts and a little racist. I hope he doesn’t return to the show ever!

    Drew’s last performance was beautiful and she even reached her high notes with perfection. Drew has a future in the business, where as Marcus will be forgotten. Drew is like Adam Lambert, he didn’t win idols but his more famous than what’s his name? Drew will become big and she’s lucky she’s so young, because by the time she’s 18 she will be huge!

  3. SA,

    You make a very good point. The show and it’s judges seem to be hitting many soft spots in their viewers. There is definitely controversy and many people like yourself have strong beliefs in both the judges and the contestants. All I can say is, there is a lot of talent in this show and do not think for one second that there will be any “losers”. All these contestants are going to hit it big and most already have. Sometimes it’s better to not have a television company begin your music career. Look at all the contestants who lost on AI. Most are huge now while the winners are rarely talked about.

  4. I would just like to know, why in the world do they make the contestants sing a “Save Me Song” when it doesn’t matter anyway? Let’s get real people…..Marcus Canty was in the bottom 3, three times and “Everyone” out sang him and they left and he stayed. Judges, please spare these people the stress and humiliation of singing for their lives when it doesn’t matter anyway. And,
    LA Reed. if you are “Truly” a man of principle then I would think that would mean that you would honor the person, such as Rachel Crowe who absolutely Blew Marcus Away. and in all good conscience, Keep Her on the show. This is supposed to be about the singers and NOT the JUDGES! This show isn’t what I thought it was going to be and I am very disappointed in it!

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