WWE: Paying Tribute to the Legendary “Macho Man” Randy Savage

>OHHHHHH YEEEAAAAHHH!!! Randy Poffo / The Macho Man Randy Savage, was one of the most influential wrestlers of all time. From his charismatic entrances and promos, to his his amazing wrestling ablilities, it’s not hard to see how he influenced most of todays wrestlers.

To hear of the tragic event that occurred on 5/20/2011, brought great sadness to not only myself, but to millions of people who grew up watching him entertain us for decades without ever slowing down one bit.

Randy Poffo / Macho Man Randy Savage, was said to have suffered a heart attack behind the wheel  and lost control of his vehicle around 9:25 AM in Seminole, Florida. His wife, Lynn who was the passenger survived. Randy was 58 years old. Earlier this month, Randy and Lynn celebrated their 1 year Anniversary.

The world of wrestling has had a history with tragic deaths. From Jake “The Snake” Roberts, Owen Hart, British Bulldog etc. The Chart below lists just a few of the tragedy’s:

Although this is not the first or the last time that we will have to learn of a death well before someones time, we must remember and celebrate all that they have done for their fans. Wrestling has always had a horrible reputation for being “fake” but let’s look at the reality. These athletes put their bodies and health on the line every day to entertain people. They go months without seeing their families to entertain their fans. Wrestling is not as glamorous as some may think. It is a hard world to live in. Some make it out great and some don’t. This is as real as it gets. I commend all wrestlers for doing what they do with a smile on their face every day for the sake of entertainment. The world has lost a great person in Randy Poffo and all the others before him but what will not be forgotten, are the memories they gave us as children and adults. God Bless all wrestlers and their families.

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