Worst Undercover Cop Gets Busted

A popular video posted on Youtube shows probably one of the worst undercover cops getting busted by the person they were trying to set-up.

The video uploaded by ‘Logan Garman’, shows a man meeting up with someone he suspects in an undercover officer who arranged to buy marijuana.

Undercover PD in my town attempt to solicit drugs off Facebook, guy meets up, sells him flowers and calls him out instead. Still gets arrested

– uniquelyvague23

Prior to meeting the undercover, the man calls out the license plates of the vehicles he suspects are backup units. He then parks next to a grey Chevy with the undercover in it. The undercover is wearing your typical, “I am not a cop” gear and begins the conversation with the worst small talk.

The two go back and forth with the undercover wanting to see the product with the man refusing to show him. After some back and forth the undercover agrees to make the blind buy. The man recording then asks if he has ever heard of Jordan Ferguson and then outs him as an undercover. He then tells him he just got sold a bag of flowers before being pulled over by the back up units and having the phone taken.

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