Woman Angry After Being Caught Shoplifting at Rite Aid

A white woman becomes enraged when she is caught by a black man, shoplifting from a local Riteaid store and becomes violent. Kody Youmans who goes by the Youtube user name KodyXO writes:

“I caught video of a lady going crazy after a worker at the RiteAid in Hillsboro, Oregon. She stole 2 items and a worker (Undercover Shopper) at the RiteAid chased her into the parking lot to grab her and bring her back into the store the detain her until the cops came.”

According to the Hillsboro Police Department, the incident occurred at the Rite Aid in Tanasbourne, 2021 N.W. 185th Ave., on March 14. The woman has since been identified as Sarah Michelle Jarvis of Thatcher, Arizona.

In an attempt to keep Sarah Jarvis at the store, the Rite Aid employee grabs her purse. Jarvis demands the employee to let go as the two fight over the purse. At one point, the woman tries to punch the employee, and kicks him. Eventually the Rite Aid employee wrestles her to the floor as she attempts to strike him. Moments later, Washington County Sheriff’s deputies arrive and arrest the woman.

Lt Henry Reimann, a spokesman with the police department, said the employee in the video will not face charges for detaining the woman until police arrived, although the woman claimed several times in the video that the man had assaulted her.

“You can use reasonable force to detain someone,” Reimann said. “But that’s a subjective thing. He’s trying to hold onto her, and she gets violent, so he takes her to the ground. Those are hard situations to call.”

Sarah Michelle Jarvis was charged with third-degree robbery for the alleged shoplifting.

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