Will Smith and Jada Pinkett Smith Divorce

It has been reported that, there has been a secret romance brewing between the Co-Stars of ‘HawthoRNeJada Pinkett Smith and Marc Anthony.

In Touch Weekly wrote, in early August Will Smith had become increasingly suspicious that his wife was having an affair with co-star Marc Anthony and secretly flew home from a movie shoot where Will walked in the house, saw Marc Anthony and Jada together and left the house crying. Sources said, Marc was at Jada’s home, but in April not August, when he went over to look at a DVD.

Jada and Will are reported to be living separate lives for months. Sources close to the couple insist they have not separated, but there are significant problems in their marriage. Will, Jada and their kids are going away together soon for some ‘Family-Time‘.

If there is problems, the couple has not been public about it, they have released a statement saying that their marriage is “Intact“. Marc Anthony denies all allegations as well. Who knows? Could this have been part of the reason that Jennifer Lopez and Marc Anthony called it quits? Maybe Will Smith should give J-Lo a call. What a tangled web we weave, Will and Jada have been together for a long time and hopefully can work things out. However, all this press on the allegations are not helping things for anyone.

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