Wild Card Bend


Amazing Wild Card Bend

This is a card trick where a spectator is seen to randomly pick a playing card from the deck. The magician then holds the card out in front of the spectator and it is seen to bend back and forward at will. This easy card trick is visually stunning and is a good ice breaker.


A playing card is randomly chosen from the pack. The card is then seen to bend back and forward wildly as if by magic.

How To Do It :

A few simple items are all that is required to perform this easy magic trick. the magic instruction video shown here will show you the magic illusion being performed and then reveals the secret to this clever wild conjuring stunt.

This trick works best when the spectator thinks they have randomly chosen the card. Practice an easy force such as the riffle force so that you can get the most effect out of this trick.

Practice your angles when performing so that the back of the card is not visible to the spectator when it is bending.

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