Why You Should NEVER Order SUBWAY’s Chicken

Subway Chicken gross

Why You Should NEVER Order SUBWAY’s Chicken

Subway’s slogan is “#EatFresh” but have you ever ordered something and got the feeling that not everything on your sandwich was fresh? Do you ever wonder what ingredients you should when having a Subway sandwich artist prepare your meal?

An anonymous Subway employee stated on #Reddit that people should avoid the “stinky chicken.”

“Avoid: Chipotle Chicken and Teriyaki Chicken. Why? Chicken is given a two-day shelf life, once in the counter. However, these two [sandwiches] bypass this and get four days, and can get a little stinky. “I’d recommend anything else, Subway (at least my Subway) is very strict on quality control and dates. Steak is probably the freshest, and safest.”

I can personally vouch for this as one time I was given chicken that was covered in some sort of slime and smelled incredibly gross.

A Subway spokesperson responded saying: “All Subway stores are independently owned and operated by franchisees. All stores have very strict procedures in place to ensure products are served safely and to customers’ satisfaction and all suppliers are required to meet our high standards of food safety and product integrity.”

Have you ever ordered anything from Subway and got less than what you expected? We’d love to hear it. Comment below.

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