WATCH: Bear Breaks Into Sleeping Man’s Home

A man had a close encounter with the furry kind when a black bear broke into his home and woke while he was fast asleep on the couch.

The bear was caught on home surveillance video wandering outside the home and then actually opening the man’s unlocked door and peering it’s head in.

[testimonial]We had a handle door knob that wasn’t locked. He opened it by pressing it down with his bear hands.[/testimonial]

The startled owner jumps up onto the couch and begins to try to “shoo” the bear back outside. Luckily for him, the bear was polite and left without further incident. Since the bear break in, the owner has changed the door handles. Oh and if you’re wondering about that shimmering glow in the bottom right corner of the video, it’s not a ghost but a spiderweb.

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