Want To Date Jenny McCarthy?

Hard to believe that the infamous Jenny McCarthy may have some problems when it comes to finding a good man right?

Jenny explains that being from the south side of Chicago has made her want a “Mans Man.” She goes on to explain that there is a big difference between the men in Chicago and the men she meets in L.A.

I can see how this may be true, going from Chicago to L.A. is like switching from Milk to Silk. There is obviously a big difference. Men from areas that are known to be more urban tend to be rough around the edges where as Men from “Ritzy” neighborhoods tend to get manicures.

So what does that mean for us “Regular” guys? It means we have a shot!!! Well, probably not but, it does show that there are some stars that actually want a someone not thrown into the limelight.

The problem with any relationship with a star however is the media. The media looks to dig up “dirt” on couples past and this can have a big affect on relationships. Imagine being followed around and pictures being snapped of you every moment of the day. It may sound cool but believe me, it has it’s toll.

As far as how to get a date with Jenny, there is no official website or anything like that. I would suggest following or writing to her on Twitter or do what everyone is doing these days. Put out a video on YouTube and call some news channel or Yahoo! to promote your sad story. Seemed to work for Mila Kunis and that Marine…

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  1. Hi Jenny. i live in the same world of frustration as you do when it comes to dating. i am recently divorced and have two autistic boys (Robert and Declan). It’s hard to know if the ultimate rejection is me or my boys,even though they are not with me full time. I have never done on-line dating, but i can,t think of a better way to start than going to the top with a girl I have always wanted to be given a chance with. I have a great government job as a college facility carpenter and and am looking for the romance I never had.

    Sincerly,Ray (Let,s take a chance}

    [email protected]



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