How to Make the “Starbucks Unicorn Frappuccino”

Starbucks sold out of the Unicorn Frappuccino? Not to worry, here’s how to make the highly coveted Unicorn Frappuccino. Have you been Starbucks hoping trying to find the elusive Unicorn Frap? Find that every Starbucks you visited was sold out? Well, here’s a quick and easy way to lasso that soon to be legendary refreshment.

Thanks to “emmymadeinjapan” for uploading the DIY Starbucks “Unircorn Frappuccino”.

Unicorn Frappuccino Recipe:

Blue Sour Drizzle
1, 10 oz. can of condensed milk
1, 5 oz. can of evaporated milk
6 T. sugar
3 oz. white chocolate chips
1 pkg. unsweetened Blue Raspberry Kool Aid
2 drops neon blue food coloring

Pink Frappuccino
1/2 C. vanilla ice cream
1/2 C. ice
splash of milk (scant 1/4 C.)
1 t. strawberry Bottle Pop powder
1 1/2 t. mango syrup
3-5 drops of neon pink food coloring

whipped cream
dust with blue Kool-Aid & McCormick’s ‘Color from Nature’ pink food coloring

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