Undercover Cops Entrapping Uber Drivers Gets Interrupted

Uber Driver Gets Ticketed By Undercover Police In LA Uber/Taxi Sting

A man who was recently given a citation by undercover officers thwarts their attempt to entrap another person.

The man is believed to be an Uber driver and films a male and female officer as they try to wave another Uber/Lyft driver down. The man filming explains the male and female officer entrapped and cited him. He also explains that they told him their phone did not work and the male had a flip phone so he could not contact Uber. We’ll get to the significance of that in a bit…

Before they can swindle another driver, the man warns the driver that they are undercover cops and the driver then proceeds to go on his way. The undercover officers then call back up as the female officer begins filming the man.

The video ends with two uniformed officers approaching and attempting to intimidate the man into leaving saying that he can be arrested for interfering with an investigation.

According to reports, The Los Angeles Police Department has set up stings to catch “bandit taxi drivers.” These are described as, people who illicitly pose as cab drivers, sidestepping regulators and taking cash fares.

This is where the officers excuses for waiving down the driver as opposed to ordering a ride on the app come in. Uber and Lyft drivers are prohibited under city law from accepting fares in cash. So what the cops are doing, is saying they have no way of ordering the ride but will pay in cash. Some drivers offer to accept the cash and that’s when they are cited.

in 2016 alone, the LAPD has cited more than 200 ride share drivers in these stings.

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