Trashy Family of Tourists Break Royalton St. Lucia Elevator

A trashy family of tourists at the Royalton in St. Lucia’s Resort and Spa records themselves as they break the doors of an elevator after their 18-year-old and 6-year-old were stuck for 10-minutes.

The classless tourists at the Royalton record themselves as they verbally abuse staff and even threaten the life of one of the employees. The incident began after an 18-year-old and 6-year-old were stuck in the elevator for 10 minutes and the family took it upon themselves to pull fire alarms and break the elevator doors despite being repeatedly informed that maintenance was on the way.

An increasing number of St. Lucians contacted St. Lucia News Online about the video, expressing their “disgust” with the tourist’s behavior. They stated the tourists actions were unnecessary and they should be made to pay for damaging property. One callers said the “security guard” who was threatened should be encouraged to file a formal police report.

After uploading the video, the family quickly deleted the video from Youtube after all of the comments were against the families actions against the hotel and its staff. Jeanelle Knight was able to download the video and posted the following. Jeanelle Knight writes:

“So these people, in an attempt to embarrass Royalton St Lucia, thought they were being heroes by recording an incident that occurred involving 2 persons trapped in one of the elevators FOR 10 MINUTES. Apparently, elevators don’t get stuck where they are from (Cuh-nay-duh) so they figured that their overreaction was justified to the point they really needed the world to see our incompetence. Little did they know that Lucians don’t play and the comments posted under the original video forced them to delete it…..but not before I downloaded it. Yesss crazy ass Caucasians, the internet is a beautiful thing. You wanted the world to see this so you should not have deleted it. “PULL EVERY FIRE ALARM POSSIBLE!” ???
Below are some of the decent comments under the original video. Didn’t get those that really blasted them, Lucian style:
“You people are so low class… 10 minutes? You should have waited for assistance. You should also be ordered to pay the damages to the elevator and the fire alarms you broke unnecessarily. Stay in America if you can’t act like decent human beings..”
“lol… I’m a maintenance worker in Manhattan, NY its only our job to fix or repair broken stuff… if the Building security trys to fix something and they get injured or injure somebody they can get SUED, FIRED or be throw in front a Judge… the hotel staff in this vid did nothing wrong too much over reacting”
“why would the man want to attack an employee for no reason.And what makes it even worse is that they cut off the part where the man is doing the wrong thing .smh I am offended”
“The security guard should file against that dick head for threatening him”
“AND I hope Royalton sues you all for the damages and sends yall packing immediately.. Truly disgusting behavior.” “What did you expect the guards to do? Say abracadabra or join in on destroying their workplace? She came upstairs to you guys to make yall aware that maintenance was coming, gimme a break with this! TOTALLY UNCALLED FOR!”

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  1. This is an unbelievable situation. Tourists travel to the islands and believe the islands folks are suppose to worship them. If this same incident had occurred in the USA, none of them would have acted in such a disrespectful manner, pull all the fire extinguisher or be rude to the staffers.

    Folks, visiting the islands is not for everyone. In USA everything is not perfect and we have mishaps in elevators where people even lose their lives. Really, and this was mere a 10 mins timeframe and the entire family is acting like they have no reason to be respect another person.

    I hope the hotel charges them for breaking the elevator, pulling the extinguishers and whatever else they did. Most importantly, banned them from visiting that hotel again. Remember family we do not NEED you’ll back there in our pretty island. STAY OUT…….

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