Thug From NYC Gets KTFO By Arizona Trucker (Video)

A man claiming to be from New York City made the mistake of underestimating an Arizona trucker when he confronted him outside of a QuickTrip gas station.

The mouthy thug is seen arguing with two white males who are clearly way bigger than he is. One of the males asks the man to meet him around back so they can settle tier differences. The thug continues to curse at the two men saying he is alone and that they are

While he continues to walk and talk trash until the bigger white male in the orange shirt invites him to fight. The thug then takes a swing and that’s all she wrote. After a brief scuffle the big white male mounts the smaller man and delivers a fury of haymakers to the back of his head and face knocking him out cold.

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  1. So I guess this is a nice little pay-back for the knock out game those monkeys usually play, huh? That shitbag got exactly what he deserved. Who gives a shit if that moron got brain damage, it’s not like he was a productive member of society anyway.

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