The Face Of “Occupy WallStreet”

The “Occupy Wall Street” movement has finally got their poster boy and his name is Brandon Watts.

During a demonstration in Lower Manhattan, 20-year-old Brandon Watts (allegedly) grabbed a police officer’s hat and was in-turn was tackled beaten and arrested, sustaining a huge gash to his forehead.

Brandon Watts’ bloody face appeared on the cover of the Daily News and Metro newspapers on Friday.

Before grabbing the hat, Watts allegedly tossed a AAA battery at officers. According to the Daily News, he was charged with assault and grand larceny after receiving medical treatment at Bellevue Hospital.

According to the paper, this was Brandon Watts’ fourth arrest since the protests began back in September.

In other similar acts of violence, Michelle Fields and Direna Cousins, a pair reporters from the Daily Caller claim they were attacked by the NYPD.

After Fields was knocked to the ground, several Occupy Wall Streeters “came up to me right away and asked if I needed any medical assistance,” she wrote. “They were actually very kind and helpful. It was the police officers who were very aggressive.”

See The Violent Footage Of Brandon Watts Being Attacked HERE

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