Taylor Swift Leaked Photo

It is rumored that a Celebrity site has nude or topless photos of Pop Singer Taylor Swift. Unlike past celebrities who have had their private pictures compromised, Taylor Swift is known for being lady like and a good role model for young kids. Not ever has she acted in an irresponsible way in front of a camera.

Apparently CelebJihad has a picture of a woman who resembles Taylor Swift topless. Upon Taylor Swift learning of the alleged

Swift’s legal team has reportedly stated that the site contains “false pornographic images and false ‘news'” about the singer, and threatens a lawsuit for trademark infringement if the photo is not taken down.

Instead of bowing down to the pressure of Taylor Swift’s Lawyers, CelebJihad has not removed the photo instead they have decided to write a story on her and the attacks by her lawyers.

Taylor Swift is currently in the midst of her largely sold-out North American Speak Now tour.


See Taylor Swift’s Topless Photo HERE

See Taylor Swift’s Topless Photo HERE

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