Taylor Swift Twitter Hijacked, Hackers Threaten to Leak Private Pics

taylor swift hacked

Pop Superstar Taylor Swift just had her twitter hacked and now the hackers are threatening to leak private pics of the singer.

The hacker group known as Lizard Squad who came to fame after their DDOS attack on Sony Playstation Network and XBox Live, managed to hack into Taylor Swift’s account and began posting messages to her 51 Million followers to follow other hacker members.

The hacker group even threatened to release private pictures they claim to have obtained but a defiant Swift responded by tweeting there is no such thing.

Taylor Swift supposedly even had private DM messages to Nick Jonas leaked where the two discussed plans of getting together to hang out, drink, play cards and gamble. At one point, Swift asking “Are we bad kids now?”

taylor swift hacked DM

Taylor Swift has since regained control of her Twitter account and Twitter has reportedly shut down the alleged hackers’ accounts.

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