Taylor Lautner And Lily Collins Break Up

Just before the LA premiere of their upcoming movie, Abduction Taylor Lautner and Lily Collins have reportedly called it quits.

The two met and started dating during the course of filming their new action movie Abduction.

A source told Us Weekly,

It was a clean break that Taylor initiated,” The source then added, “At the Abduction party, it was awkward. They barely said a word to one another. Taylor “wants to be single for a while…he can properly move on.

Both Taylor and Lily are young and I am sure we are going to see many people in and out of their lives. So, good news tweens, your Werewolf is back on the market.

Do you think that young actors and actresses have a chance of making it, with the way the media is today? It seems that the media will not even let young people have their privacy which I am sure causes many problems within a relationship.

The public craves news of the Rich and Famous. The public cannot get enough gossip. Until people stop worrying about what others are doing, you can be sure to see many breakups in the lives of the Hollywood elite.

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