Father Boxes Son, Leaves Him Bloodied and Posts Video to Facebook

This guy Tadigs ditches son was talking back to his teacher, so they put on the gloves.. your thoughts on this.

A father records himself “disciplining” his on after finding out out he had been disrespecting teachers and walking out of class. The father records himself as he boxes out his son leaving him a bloody mess then posting the video to Facebook.

Tadigs Ditches writes:

“Blessings come in all forms and mines came in the form of a great young man to have as a son.. I feel I would be the worst disappointment to him if I didn’t do my best to deter him from choices in life that I have seen lead to destruction.. The world now has given us platforms to reach out and show your efforts. A lot of people were hurt by this video. And that was not the purpose. I did it to show what has been working for ME.”

Here is the update video where the son seems to not had a problem with what transpired saying it made him seek the right path.

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