Playstation Network “Sony! You Have Some “Splainin” To Do!”

This is a letter that I believe Sony needs to send out:

Dear Valued Users,

1. We apologize for attending to your security now, rather than that being first priority.

2. We apologize for not having communicated the first sign of a problem as we should have.

3. Although we ask you to provide us with an email address so that we may continue to market to you, we apologize for not using this medium as a source of communication, leaving you to find updates through 3rd party sites.

4. Yes, all the information you provided us is at risk.

5. We have no idea how long it is going to take to get the Network back online but, have outsourced many parties in order to get us back online as soon as possible.

6. Because rebuilding our network is going to cost about 24 billion dollars, any compensation that we give to you (our users) will not seem worth your troubles.

7. For all who are concerned about “Trophies” and online game data, if you actually looked in your system, you would see that those are stored on your Playstation drive, as trying to have servers hold all unique users info would prove unrealistic.

8. As far as Cross-Chat capabilities as an added feature in the new network, get an XBOX if you want that so bad.

9. We have learned our lesson and are humbled, now that this has received negative mass attention.

10. We apologize that it only took us the first initial hack, Suing one individual, having 77+M angry users, loosing consumers personal and financial data, to realize we may be doing things wrong. Thank you for continuing to be addicted to our video games and in the future, forgetting all this ever happened as soon as you get back to playing your precious games.

– Sony

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