Youtuber Shoenice Scams People?

If you’re a fan of Youtube Challenge Videos you know “ShoeNice”, the man who will eat or drink almost anything. However, many people are now saying the man with the iron stomach is nothing more than a scammer.

“Toobz” says he reached out to Chris Schewe after he said he needed someone to make Youtube thumbnails for him. Shoenice offered to pay but overtime only gave excuses on why he couldn’t.

“Edit: Looks like Shoenice has found this video and has gone wild in the comments section. Please take note from him on how NOT to handle being accused of scamming someone.


I decided to make this video because Shoenice has resorted to scamming people now. He scammed me by not paying me for thumbnails that I made for some of his recent videos. Shoenice has over 550K subscribers and scammed me when I had only 5 subscribers, so with this in mind, I dread to think of what other shady things he’s been getting up to behind the scenes.

Please spread the word about this, so we can expose Shoenice for what he really is.”

Other videos have documented the countless times Shoenice has asked his followers to donate money for equipment, alcohol, marijuana, food etc.

What do you think?

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