Scott Disick and E! In Hot Water After Gator Killing Episode (Video)

Shooting alligators seem to make Scott Disick feel like a big man because he was recently recorded by E! killing and skinning and gutting an alligator in Florida.

What is more disgusting, is that Scott wanted to kill and skin the alligator simply for new shoes. A recent clip that E! will probaby take down, shows Scott Disick discussing his plans to kill an alligator. Scott is actually warned about animal activists groups that may not be too happy with his actions to which he replied:

Yeah I don’t care, call PETA too. Let em’ know my number and my email.

Scott Disick and E! have already been slammed by PETA, Tori Spelling, Shannon Elizabeth for the disgusting segment. Neither E! or Scott Disick has commented.

Can you really blame Scott though? I mean, when you’re built like a 10 year old boy and live off your girlfriend and her family, there’s not that many things in your life that makes you feel like a man.

Watch this episode of Kourtney and Kim Take Miami, where Scott Disick murders and alligator for shoes.


  1. I hope so because Kim K & the rest of those moronz r the most gifted Americans of all times! Theyve never done nothing but make a homemade porno! The most accomplished person in that family is Bruce Jenner! WTF has Kim done?? SMDH….Bro dont get me started! LOL! I can’t stand them overpaid kloWnZ!

  2. They didn’t even appear in a porn, Kim did. She’s a glorified porn chick that the media created and is making millions along with her because for some reason, people tune in to see her. Bruce used to be idolized but is now a joke with his plastic ass face that the Kardashian family probably forced him to have done. It truly is a disgrace to see these people glorified for no reason except for mass marketing.

  3. Ah yes.. PETA the biggest FAKE animal rights HIPOCRITES on the planet who use the donations of the brain dead who send them money for their own purposes, even a freezer to store animals they THEY THEMSELVES KILLED. I love how the site posted PETAS own tax records showing WHY they bought a walk in freezer. Gawd I HATE hypocrites.

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