Ronda Rousey Extremely Deadly and Sexy (pics)


Ronda Rousey will make history tonight as she will partake in the first Women’s title fight in UFC 157. Ronda Rousey has climbed the ranks and has been recognized as not only a beautiful woman, but a beautiful woman that could tear your head off.

While we respect the athleticism and martial arts discipline that Ronda Rousey has, we will NOT put aside how incredibly hot she is. Here are some pictures of Ronda Rousey before she was famous as well as some extremely sexy pictures of Ronda Rousey in a bikini.

Ronda is the type of woman that would probably win any argument in her household. Word of advice to anyone who is lucky enough to date Ronda, make sure you never forget her birthday or get caught looking at another woman or argue with her.


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