Reds and Blacks Card Trick

Reds and Blacks Card Trick
A Card Trick

This is an easy to learn and implement trick…with little practice you can master it with ease.

Materials Needed:

* 1 Standard Card Deck


Separate the deck into two decks by color: one black deck, one red deck. Put the “mini” decks back together (but don’t shuffle them).

The Trick:

Separate the decks and lay them face down on a flat surface in front of your audience. Have a person from the audience choose 1 card from each pile at random, memorize them, and then place each card into the opposite pile it was selected from.

Have him/her shuffle each deck separately…then place the two decks back together.

Now you can look through the deck and find the 2 cards that don’t match the color of the cards that surround them. Easy!

Notes: Practice this trick before performing. It’s easy to get confused on how a card trick works just from reading about it. Having a deck of cards in your hands as you try and learn the tricks on this page will make it much easy to learn, understand and then master.

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