Rapper – JIM JONES FIGHT at Middle East Night Club (VIDEO)

Rapper Jim Jones got into yet another altercation at a show in the Middle East Night Club.

It appears that during a performance, someone in the audience heaved a red SOLO cup onto the stage narrowly missing Jim Jones and hitting the ceiling above him.

His crew jumped off stage to attack the person who threw the cup after he was pointed out but then security intervened and tossed the person out.

Jim Jones is being blamed for instructing the crew to attack the culprit but Jim says: “I would never instruct people to jump down from the stage … I wish it wouldn’t have happened.”

But, one thing bothers me… How many people do you need on stage with you to perform?

[youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=i2FQ5T1AIOs&w=450&h=259]

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