Man Calls Family Racist After He Does Not Grab A Publix Deli Ticket

We all have shopped at the deli before right? Even if you haven’t you are probably aware of the “Grab a Ticket” system. Well, in most (if not all) Publix super market locations, if you are looking to order meats and cheeses from the deli, you have to grab a ticket and wait for your number to be called.

Not this douche bag. He would rather call the family who followed the rules “racist” and proceed to try and become an SJW, pulling out his camera and begin to make a huge scene.

The man writes:

“A pathetic family at Publix cut me in line at the deli and started acting belligerent and yelling racist remarks when I stood up for myself, telling them I was waiting there first. I didn’t have a ticket because I was next in line. I managed to get my camera out to protect myself in case the situation escalated. The entire family continued to be obnoxious and threatened to fight me outside because I was recording their insane behavior and they didn’t want the internet to see their true colors as racist morons.

The Customer Service Manager named “Reina” tried to prevent me from filming after I was almost attacked, siding with the psycho family from hell. The Davie Police officers saw the video and said they couldn’t do anything to help, and that I basically was not the victim in the end because I was “Egging them on”. So much for public service…

I’ll tell you what though, my shopping experience at Publix was DEFINITELY not a pleasure.”

Now, some may not be aware and simply wait until they thought they were next and once they found out a ticket was needed, as frustrating as it was to waste your time, you understand rules are rules and grab a ticket.

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