PSN Update May 14, 2011: Playstation Network Access

It has been reported that, the Playstation Network (PSN) is up for developers. It appears to be sporadic at best. If this is true however, then we can expect to see online game-play available by Monday or Tuesday. Sooner if they are really “working around the clock.”

If you ask me, I don’t think we will see anything until the end of May. That’s the only time-frame that has ever been mentioned by Sony and I believe they are going to use every single day they can get out of this month until they open up Playstation Network (PSN) again. We also have to remember that access will be granted regionally. Japan 1st then probably the U.S. and Europe. Sony has not confirmed any roll-out plans and  don’t expect to get one now. Sony Playstation Network hasn’t even utilized the email addresses they obtain from their consumer to relay any adequate information regarding updates. No, we just get a vague post on the PSN blog every other week.

However long it takes, we must never forget what happened here. Sony needs to be held liable for all that they have “NOT” done. Sony needs to take a good look at their Consumer Relations team in North America and possibly re-vamp that department as well. The only way anyone found adequate information during the last 3 weeks has been through 3rd party sites. If you notice, the PSN Blogs and Forums are filled with “User” comments and link-outs to any relevant information.

Sony also had mentioned Identity Protection right? Where’s the updates on that? Sony is trying to get out of this mess without spending one dime on their consumers. No one wants a free-trial of Playstation Plus or Qriocity. If anyone wanted those services, they would have initially had them. Give us free lifetime memberships to these services. Give us $50.00 (U.S.) in our Playstation Network Wallets.

You won’t see any of these in the “Welcome Back Package” from Sony because they loose money on this. Sony’s greed will and has become their downfall.


  1. >You don't seem to know what you are talking about. It is not Sony's fault. It's the hackers who are to blame!! The identity protection will come and as far as the welcome back package, be thankful cause they don't have to do anything. It's disappointing to read blogs and "articles" blasting Sony when thet are doing all they can. Rebuilding the servers to be more secure and working with law enforcement takes time ….. smh!!

  2. >I'm sorry to burst your bubble but, everyone gets hacked. It's understandable. What is not understandable is how a multi-billion dollar company cannot adequately relay information to their end user. I really hope you are a 12 or 13 year old kid because if you really think Sony is doing all they can for their users, you have no idea what Sony has just made themselves to be. Not only to us, but to their partners as well. Why don't you read more blogs? You'll understand if you have any knowledge of basic business practice. Thanks for commenting though.

  3. >It is sony's fault regardless for not having the proper protection in the 1st place you twit. They didn't care enough about their consumers to even properly protect their sensitive information. On top of that they are keeping us basically in the dark about what is going on. So please get your head out of your ass before you defend a company who doesn't give a shit about you just your money.

  4. >Absolutely! Someone gets it! It's refreshing to hear someone who knows the severity of the situation. Sony obtained their Billions (That's Billions with a "B")from us. They need to treat us like gold. Also, Sony's partners who have invested millions in them are feeling the back-lash. They no longer trust Sony as well and this is not good for them. Why do you think XBOX has the rights to receive the COD map packs a month earlier than Sony? I am in no way an XBOX fan but, they did get one thing right "SECURITY". It doesn't matter what Sony does now because they should have had this infrastructure in place in the beginning. The only people that don't think this is a big deal are the little naive kids that had mommy or daddy shell out money for the PS3. Everyone else knows the deal.

  5. I totally agree! Sony needs to step up their game if they want me to return to the PSN again.

    • Yeah I hear you. Sony is loosing customers left and right. I have read that there has been a spike in PS3 trade-ins. More than likely due to the constant lying and missed deadlines. It’s ashame to say the least.

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