PSN Breaking News: Phased Restoration Tomorrow: 5/14/2011

Word just broke out that Sony will begin it’s phased restoration process tomorrow, May 15, 2011. Can we trust this new update from Sony? Take what you get from it I guess. I hope that this is really the light at the end of the tunnel.

It has been nearly 1 month since hackers brought Sony and the Playstation Network (PSN) to their knees. Throughout this ordeal, Sony has received harsh words from consumers and partners alike. You can’t blame about 60% of the “Playstation Nation” to be in an uproar. They have been lied to by the company they entrust their personal and financial information with.

Remember, when the Playstation Network (PSN) comes back, we all still have to worry about our financial information still being at risk. This whole situation in reality, is nowhere near to over. Yes we may be able to play games online again but, there is always that fear of one day having your Bank Account wiped clean. It may happy days from now, it may happen years from now. The point being, the fear is still there.

Sony has a long and grueling road ahead. They have to gain the trust of not only their consumers, but their partners as well. Sony also has to try to get all the consumers who have jumped ship back. Sony’s stock has dropped. They are no longer what they were. Sony will forever be known as the Multi-Billion Dollar company who dropped a very expensive ball.

Fingers Crossed, Here’s to hoping the Playstation Network (PSN) will be up by Monday.

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