PSN Outage 5/8/2011: Sony’s North American Team needs an Overhaul

Here is the comment I left on a website regarding Sony’s North American Team.I hope Sony sees the weak links in their North American Team and takes immediate action to replace it.

May 7th, 2011 at 7:05 pm

The problem lies within Sony’s North American team. The Japanese are a proud and noble people. To see them bow their heads to the press, meant they are deeply remorseful for the situation. The North American team for Sony has no idea what Consumer Relations is. Yes, consumers are angry that they cannot play online but, they are more angry at the lack of communication they are receiving. They are angry that the updates posted on Playstation Network are nothing more than a feebly attempt to time-stamp their communication with the consumer. These posts offer no new information and only empty promises and vague time frames that seem to never make deadline. Imagine if Sony would have been upfront and stated the maintenance would take a month or so, people would have jumped ship a long time ago. The vague info is to give users a little glimmer of hope so that they do not move over to the opposition

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