PSN Breaking News: Down Again 5/31/2011

It seems that without notice, Playstation Network (PSN) Has been taken down for maintenance on 5/30/2011. I have been told that if you are currently signed in, DO NOT sign out as you will not be able to sign back in.

It is quite unclear on why the PSN has been shut off. Some rumors say that the Playstation Store is in the works to come back online.

I however am skeptical. You would think that with all the heat surrounding Sony’s communication methods with their consumers, that some sort of announcement would have been given prior to the shut down. The Playstation Network’s blog has nothing posted regarding the latest shutdown. The ironic part is when you visit the site, it states in BIG DRAMATIC letters “Playstation Back Online”.

I will post more information as I receive it. Until then, I’m sure PSN users everywhere are not too happy.

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