PSN Back On This Week

I found that some sites are claiming Sony has leaked a little info on having at least, the online gaming portion of the Playstation Network (PSN) back up this week. The deadline for full restoration is set to be May 31st. Yes, yet another date set by Sony…

If¬† Sony has any plans for restoration, they sure haven’t told their consumers. The Playstation Blog has not been updated in over a week. The only updates are those being received by angry consumers posting their discontent with the company. Hopefully, Sony has told the North American Team not to post any more information on things they know nothing about. I’ll speak for myself when I say that I’ve had enough of the vague updates they were releasing to the public.

Let’s keep our fingers crossed that Sony has learned it is better to Under-Promise and Over-Deliver because until now, they have been doing the exact opposite.


  1. A company as big has sorry, just mind boggles me. I understand this takes time and I don’t think this is the end of them, but how do u keep people in the dark on something as big as this? I will always love sony, but I tell u guys it’s going 2 be along road 4 people 2 trust them again. Well thanks 4 reading and hopefully we will be online soon? Good Luck Sony!!!

    • I absolutely agree. It doesn’t have to be the end for Sony but, They have some major “Re-Modeling” to do within their infrastructure, Both technical and personnel. The compensation package needs to reflect the damage done to their consumers and not this 1 month free trial stuff they have been trying to throw at us. They need to give back some of those millions that we have supplied them with this whole time. Show some appreciation for your consumer. I have my fingers crossed that this will all be over “in a matter of days” as they say it will. Then again, I received too many deadlines from Sony that they have not been able to meet so, I’m not hoping on it.

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