Playstation Network Update (PSN) PR Advice

I was reading an article posted by the infamous George Hotz (GEOHOT) and I believe he indirectly gives some PR advice to Sony. Stating “From our friends at Amazon, who respect their customers.

I read the article and visited the links and saw that this was truly how you would want to notify your consumers about anything that is ultimately affecting them. Sony and the North American Playstation Network (PSN) team, really need to read this and use as a guideline for any future hurdles.

Amazon goes into full detail of their problems and solutions. Something Sony has failed to do.

Friday, April 29, 2011

PR Advice

From our friends at Amazon, who respect their customers.

A full technical writeup, how they will fix it, a fair credit, and an apology.

And clearly, they are doing it right.

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