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I thought this post was too funny not to mention. This was actually found on the PSN Forum.

solidusdeus wrote:

Since there’s no update, let me help Mr. Seibold out so he can get a well deserved rest from this whole event!


As I was cruising along Santa Monica Boulevard today in my Lamborghini Murcielago, it occurred to me that the network is still down.  I decided to drive by the new digs for the servers and say hi to the guys working on them. They’re so passionate!  I walked in and they were watching the video for the song Friday on Youtube. I decide to get some pizza and join the fun, after all the guys deserve it. After we ate, we noticed that the intrusion was worse than we originally thought!  I contacted Sony and got some really big Master Locks for the gates and we put some mouse traps around the servers in case they got past that.  They’ll be surprised when they get stuck to those roach motels we installed around the perimeter! lolz. Anyway, after a few beers we came to realize that we undersatnd your frustration and are working hard around the clock (there’s a big clock in the middle of the building) to get the PSN up and working. Today the guys made big progress on disc 2 of P90X, they’re getting ripped!  As soons as I get more info I will let you know if these thingies are gonna work or not,  maybe we should call Steve Jobs and get a hand from the Mac guys since those things are virtually unhackable.  We are on the final stages of testing. Ever heard of testing 1-2-3? We are between the 1-2 stage. I gotta go, but remember we just want to make this thing really secure, like SEAL team 6 secure- you hear?  Peace out suckas, Sea-B out!

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