Playstation Network Back Up? What happens next?

So, Sony has apologized numerous times about the hack and is offering an “Olive Branch” as a thank you for consumers patience. What might this olive branch be you ask?

  • 30 Days Free – Playstation Plus Menmbership
  • 30 Days Free – Qriocity Music Service
  • Maybe some credit monotoring
Let’s get one thing straight Sony, you may have these young 15 year old kids fooled thinking that this is a great offering but let’s put that against what has happened shall we?
  • Lost over 100+ million users personal information
  • Lost 10,000+ Debit Card info for online services
  • Lied to your consumers for over 2 weeks
  • Vague communication/information (if any) on your “so-called” Blog
I speak for the educated consumer who says “You can take those freebies and stick em’ where the sun don’t shine!” If we wanted those services, we would have already signed up for them. Don’t think for one second that you can get that weak marketing ploy over on us. You have a lot of nerve trying to get out of this situation by offering us what essentially is a “Free-Trial” of the services that put us in this position.
So you intend to try to make even more money off of the peoples identities and lives you have compromised? Give free Lifetime memberships if you really want me to believe you are sorry for this inconvenience. Oh you can’t you say? Why? You won’t make any money on it! That’s why! Sony, your greed will be your downfall. I will be the first to say:
“I reject your offering of a Free-Trial and would only accept the money it would cost for these memberships placed into my Playstation Wallet so that I may use it for whatever I want.” 
I have lost all trust in Sony and who they chose to represent them during this matter. 

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