Pepper Spray Neutralizer FAIL (Video)


When someone asks you if you want to test a Pepper Spray Neutralizer, you make damn sure it is going to work. This grotesque individual is Badfinger and he volunteered that pretty face to be sprayed.

The problem is, Badfinger had an allergic reaction to the pepper spray and the Neutralizer did pretty much nothing, leaving him to suffer in his own stupidity for over 5 minutes.

Although the extreme pain Badfinger is clearly in, the creator of the neutralizer says the test was a success.

“The effects of this pepper spray should have lasted 30 minutes. Although Badfinger was under extreme pain, the effects of Pepper Shield (3-4x stronger than regular pepper spray) were entirely gone in 6-7 minutes)”

I think Badfinger would say different.

Watch this man almost dies after testing a pepper spray neutralizer.

[jwplayer mediaid=”19677″]

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