“Pawn Stars” Looking To Hire NBA Player

The guys from the hit television series, “Pawn Stars” are looking to hire someone who has been recently locked out. That’s right, in a ploy for publicity, the crew over at “Pawn Stars” has put it out that they would love to hire an out of work NBA player to work in their Las Vegas shop.

“Pawn Stars” star, Rick Harrison wants everyone to believe that this job offering is from the heart and because he cares about the locked out NBA player but, instead of giving a regular person on the street who really needs the money, they rather go with what is going to be a bigger attraction to their shop and hire an NBA player.

The job would require the NBA’er to work the counter just like everyone else in the shop but probably be paid 10x the amount that everyone gets paid. Details of the paycheck have not been finalized and would be worked out dependent on the hiring process.

Chum Lee, who also stars on the show (and who I have a picture of pushing his beater down the strip) says he’s hoping Rick can attain a Lakers player maybe even Metta World Peace, “If there aren’t any players who take us up on the offer, I’m hoping some cheerleaders come down for the job!”

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