WATCH: Online Gamer Gets “Swatted” While Live Streaming

Imagine you’re playing online and then all of the sudden a SWAT team busts down your door with automatic rifles in your face screaming at you to get down.

Here we see gamer Jordan aka “Kootra” being “Swatted” during a live streaming session of Counter Strike. “Uh oh this isn’t good. There clearing rooms what in the world I think we’re getting swatted”. Jordan says right before a Swat team enters the room.

If you’re an avid online gamer, you are already aware of the term “Swatting” where someone online calls in a fake threat to the police and gives them your address. You then have a SWAT team break into your home to investigate the premises. It’s one of the more exciting things that happens in a gamer’s life.

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