News Reporter Owns Woman Who Interrupts Coverage (Video)

Reporter Violated a Woman for Interrupting Her on Live TV

Don’t mess with Jessica Sanchez unless you want to be burned on national television. This drunk rude 49ers fan found out the hard way that you DO NOT video bomb Jessica in the middle of her coverage.

During Jessica’s segment on Bourbon street, she was interrupted by a woman who came into frame and started shouting “Heeeey!” Jessica’s demeanor immediately goes from reporter to heckler killer.

You going to do an interview with us? Okay because we were just talking about, here on Bourbon street the STD rate that’s been going on here and so how long have you um, had an STD?

OWNED! The woman could not believe that she was just humiliated on national television by a smoking hot quick thinking reporter.

Watch Local 6’s Jessica Sanchez OWN a drunk 49ers fan who interrupts her coverage.

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