New York Jets Coach; Rex Ryan Curses At Fan

Just goes to show you that if you’re in the public eye, be very careful of what you say.

In this day & age, “Big Brother” is always around. Cameras can be found in toys, pens and other inconspicuous items. But it is the camera phone that always seems to capture the greatest of moments.

During the New York Jets and New England Patriots game yesterday, a fan decided to let Rex Ryan know exactly what he thought about his coaching by yelling out “Rex! Belichick is better than you.”

In good ol’ Rex Ryan Fashion, he tells the side-liner to “Shut the F**k up.”

The video has since become viral and will definitely make it’s way to the NFL but was Rex Ryan wrong? Do you think he will have to face a fine from the NFL?

Also, should athletes of any sport be fined for responding to taunts from fans? This is not the first nor the last time an incident like this will happen. Fans feel safe behind security guards and fences but would never say things like this to if there were no boundaries.

Just like comments on you tube and video game chat. There are many cowards who say whatever they feel because they are no repercussions. Here’s a thought, how about spectator fines for those who cannot keep their mouth shut?

See New York Jets Head Coach; Rex Ryan Curse At Fan HERE

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