Michael Jackson Private Phone Calls Released

It is indeed sad that Michael Jackson couldn’t trust anyone however, I think these tapes include very revealing and important details about who Michael was and what kind of a person he was and I know some fans may find it boring to listen to all 15 parts (which are all on youtube by the way) so, I picked some of the most touching, revealing and also funniest parts too.

Things to learn about listening to Glenda tapes: 1. MJ was not only not gay or whatever they wanted to label him, but he is actually very straight and in pursuit of finding a meaningful relationship.

2.Michael Jackson could be hella funny and shady in private. It’s endearing seeing (hearing) him like that!

3. He is very sensitive and considerate of people around him.

4. Tape number 11 and 13 are his conversations with Glenda’s kids. Just listening to them, you can see what was the nature of his interactions with kids. Just like a father figure (I haven’t included them here.)

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