Michael J. Fox Gets First Pair of Self-Tying NIKE MAG

If you were a fan of ‘Back To The Future II’ it was amazing to think that one day we might have time traveling Doloreans, Big Screen Televisions, Video conferencing and hover boards to name a few. It is astonishing that so many predictions inspired so many people who actually contributed into bringing some of these to fruition.

To celebrate the iconic date set in ‘Back To The Future II’, Oct 21,2015, Nike sent Michael J. Fox aka “Marty McFly” the first-ever pair of self-tying MAG sneakers.

Watch Michael J. Fox Model the First Self-Lacing Nike MAG. Learn more about The Michael J. Fox Foundation: https://www.michaeljfox.org/

Now I’m just waiting for the self-drying jacket…

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