Michael Buble’s Wife Luisana Lopilato Desperately Defends Being Elbowed in Instagram Video

Michael Buble’s wife certainly knows the drill because she is desperately defending being violently elbowed by the singer during an Instagram video.

The hard to watch video begins Michael Buble and Luisana Lopilato introducing themselves. Lopilato seems to come in a little too early and gets elbowed by Buble. This could be easily thrown out as a playful gesture but it is Lopilato’s response to being elbowed that raised the suspicion of possible domestic violence.

Bublé as if by second nature, elbows Lopilato then quickly grabs her elbow and yanks her back towards him. During this moment, With a look of terror in her face, Lopilato can be heard saying “I am very sorry”.

Lopilato later addressed followers in a separate Instagram Live. “Thank you for worrying about me,” she noted. “It’s very important that we pay attention to the concerns that were mentioned. Fortunately, I am not suffering.”

“It is important that we continue to pay attention so that we are able to help the women that are going through a bad time,” she said. “It made me very happy to see the level of awareness my followers have with this topic. I am proud to be Argentinian, and your messages demonstrate to me once again all of the love that you have for me and us. So, thank you, but this is not my case.”

One fan wrote, “Plz tell me what you think of this…to all of us is clearly a man being abusive with his wife, the way he grabbed her by the arm…that’s Michael Bublé…she keeps on denying it but there’s so many videos of him and treating her the same way.”

Others also shared a separate Instagram Live clip, in which Bublé can be heard telling his wife, “I’m going to kill you.”

Another fan posted a video showing Lopilato playfully strangling Buble as if to dismiss everyone’s concern but as you can see, Buble is not as terrified of Lupilato strangling him as she is being elbowed him him.

Buble could not be reached for immediate comment. What are your thoughts?

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