Miami Dolphins vs San Francisco 49ers Fight

Miami Dolphins and San Francisco 49ers fans get into a major brawl at Hard Rock stadium and the embarassing incident is captured on video. A man only identified as “Jack Snyder” filmed the fight that occurred in section 334, during last week’s Dolphins vs. 49ers football game.

“Go back to New York. Leave, go to another country,” someone is heard saying on the video. “You know, take your Muslim quarterback.”

The fan who filmed the incident stated:

“And as you can see in the video, the guy in the Suh jersey, of course, ended up landing punches to the 49er people’s face and also right next to a woman holding a small child,” Ha adds,
“The guy that is throwing the punches in the video, he threw some anti-Semitic remarks to his left to one of the few 49ers fans.”

The fan also stated that he was shocked at the amount of time it took for security to intervene. By the time they arrived, the guilty party was long gone. The fan who shot the video was with his daughter. He said he should be able to take his kid to a game without seeing adults act like kids

The Miami Dolphins were able to identify the men involved in a upper-deck brawl at the Dolphins-49ers game Sunday as season-ticket holders and have now had their season tickets revoked and are banned from Hard Rock Stadium.

“We conducted an immediate internal review of the situation and have identified the season ticket members who were involved in the incident,” the team said in a written statement. “ …. We work hard to remind fans that we want this to be a safe environment and this type of behavior and conduct is not acceptable.”

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