Mexican Jumped By Puerto Ricans Gets Face Stomped (Video)

A Mexican vs Puerto Ricans

I love the south Bronx and all the ghetto kids fighting one another. Apparently these kids are somehow drunk and begin fighting in front of the Latino Restaurant in the Bronx.

For the life of me I can’t figure out what the Mexican in the striped shirt is doing with his hands and deserves to get KTFO just for looking like a complete idiot.

The fight is nothing but talk and walking around for about 2 minutes with some fat chick getting involved trying to get the two to stop. Then out of no where, the Mexican gets sucker punched which completely knocks him out then punched twice in the face and had his face stomped while knocked out on the ground.

Watch this Mexican get sucker punched and have his face stomped.

[jwplayer mediaid=”23186″]

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